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Most of the well known publishers allow pre-prints of the accepted versions of the author's papers to be placed on their homepage. MIR on the Web is meant to be an index of free/open weblinks to scientific papers in the field of multimedia information retrieval - MIR (and Multimedia). The intention is to facilitate the dissemination and discussion of scientific knowledge. Anyone can add weblinks to papers. MIR on the Web is part of the (see menu above).

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IJMIR 2014

International Journal of Multimedia Information Retrieval

Self-similarity-based partial near-duplicate video retrieval and alignment
Zhipeng Wu, Kiyoharu Aizawa
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Multivariate time series modeling of geometric features of spatio-temporal volumes for content based video retrieval
Chiranjoy Chattopadhyay, Amit Kumar Maurya
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Adaptive diversification for tag-based social image retrieval
Amel Ksibi, Anis Ben Ammar, Chokri Ben Amar
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An incremental evolutionary learning method for optimizing content-based image indexing algorithms
M. Nikzad, H. Abrishami Moghaddam
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Statistical framework for content-based medical image retrieval based on wavelet orthogonal polynomial model with multiresolution structure
K. Seetharaman, M. Kamarasan
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Multimedia information retrieval: best papers and expanding frontiers
Michael Lew
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Context Assisted Face Clustering Framework with Human-in-the-Loop
Liyan Zhang, Dmitri V. Kalashnikov and Sharad Mehrotra
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Parallel Incremental Power Mean SVM for the Classification of Large Scale Image Datasets
Thanh-Nghi Doan, Thanh-Nghi Do and Francois Poulet
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Information Extraction from Multimedia Web Documents: An Open-Source Platform and Testbed
David Dupplaw, Michael Matthews, Richard Johansson, Giulia Boato, Andrea Costanzo, Marco Fontani, Enrico Minack, Elena Demidova, Roi Blanco, Thomas Griffiths, Paul Lewis, Jonathon Hare and Alessandro Moschitti
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The Video Browser Showdown: A Live Evaluation of Interactive Video Search Tools
Klaus Schoeffmann, David Ahlstrom, Werner Bailer, Claudiu Cobarzan, Frank Hopfgartner, Kevin McGuinness, Cathal Gurrin, Christian Frisson, Duy-Dinh Le, Manfred Del Fabro, Hongliang Bai and Wolfgang Weiss
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Editorial of the Special Issue on Cross-Media Analysis
Zhongfei (Mark) Zhang, Yueting Zhuang, Ramesh Jain, Jia-Yu (Tim) Pan
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Interactive Cross and Multimodal Biomedical Image Retrieval Based on Automatic Region-Of-Interest (ROI) Identification and Classification
Rahman, You, Simpson, Antani, Fushman, and Thoma
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Optimization of Information Retrieval for Cross Media contents in a Best Practice Network
Cenni, Nesi, and Bellini
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Person Instance Graphs for Mono-, Cross- and Multi-Modal Person Recognition in Multimedia Data
Bredin, Roy, Le, and Barras
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MET: Media Embedded Target for Connecting Paper to Digital Media
Liu, Girgensohn, Wilcox, Shipman, and Dunnigan
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Topic Detection in Cross-Media: A Semi-Supervised Co-clustering Approach
Xue, Li, Zhang, Pang, and Huang
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ACM ICMR 2014 Best Papers in Image Retrieval
Michael S. Lew
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A Sparse Kernel Relevance Model for Automatic Image Annotation
Sean Moran, Victor Lavrenko
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Image re-ranking system based on frequent closed patterns
Winn Voravuthikunchai, Bruno Cremilleux, Frederic Jurie
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Indexing Heterogeneous Features with Superimages
Qingjun Luo, Shiliang Zhang, Tiejun Huang, Wen Gao, Qi Tian
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Improving the Quality of K-NN Graphs for Image Databases through Vector Sparsification
Michael E. Houle, Xiguo Ma, Vincent Oria, Jichao Sun
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